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 The beginnings... 

Predchodkyňa súčasnej knižniceAncestor of today´s library - Library of Komarno župa (county) - was based in 1831.

Basis of the library consisted of private collection of an editor, writer, theatre director and Komarno native István Kultsár.

He had left the Komarno county 5000 books in his testament. Library consisted of books written in Greek, Latin, French, German and Hungarian.

The majority of the books comes from 16th and 17th century. Fiction of 19th century was built of translations of foreign authors.

There were also first editions of Hungarian dramatic and science literature of the 18th century.


hist 1                                             The amount of received documents was gradually built of collections from various societies and associations.

                                             Further people who donated documents were bibliographer József Szinnyei senior and the Ghyczy family.

                                             The collections expanded at the beginning of the 20th century up to 40 000 volumes. First mentions of

                                              borrowing rules of the county public library date to 1st January 1905.

                                              Library had at the time 1310 readers who borrowed 19 257 volumes all together.


 County public library

muzeumCultural palace built by November 1913 in newly baroque style nowadays used as Museum of Hungarian and Danube area culture,

was a place where County public library was located and provided library services to public. Law n. 430 from the year 1919 about

public libraries specified a duty to open new public libraries in Czechoslovak republic. The process of applying this law was slow

in Slovakia. The public library was located in Cultural palace and was opened on 1st November 1924. Its activity was directed by

cultural union which was founded by Ministry of culture and public education. Library was directed under “Chief inspectorate of public

collections - Közgyűjtemények Országos Főfelügyelősége.” in 1939 and had been directed by the city since 1940 to 1943.


County library to become methodical centre for libraries

 hist 2Three level system of local city and county public libraries was created in 1951. The council of public committee agreed to give privileges to local

city public libraries and county library in 1953. By a law n. 53 from the year 1959 city library became a methodical centre for libraries in the county

and it also started to manage historical collections which are placed in the building used to be cultural palace; a base of nowadays city museum.

It´s organiser was Cultural public committee. During that era the library was based in The Fish/" Ryba" on the Obrancov mieru street, nowadays

Lehár street; since the year 1966 in the Officers pavilion/Dostojnicky pavilón. Part of the library with books for children was based in the House of unions/

Dom odborov since 1965, nowadays House of Matica Slovenska; it had been based on Danube riverbank/Dunajské nabrežie since 1984 to the year 2005.

Directorate and a significant amount of library collections was moved to 35 Eotvos Street in 1988. Collections from Officers pavilion and Danube riverbank

serves to readers on the 8 Palatin street since the beginning of 2007, in the reconstructed County house/župný dom.


József Szinnyei Library in Komárno

Ministry of culture of Slovak republic became the founder of the city library in 1991.

1997 - The library became a part of Danube area cultural centre which founder was District office in Nitra and the library's name was changed into Danube area/Podunajska library.

In the year 1999 the District office in Nitra became the organizer of Danube area library and it was given separate legal subjectivity.

In the year 2002 Nitra county council became the founder of Danube area library.

Addition to a law n. 2 from 17th June 2005 about setting up changed the name of the library to Jozsef Szinnyei Library in Komarno/"Knižnica Józsefa Szinnyeiho v Komárne ;

Szinnyei József Könyvtár Komárom"; the management of historical collection from 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th century was cancelled and has been managed by Museum of

Hungarian culture and the Danube area in Komarno/Múzeum maďarskej kultúry a Podunajska since the 15th June 2006.